Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Let's Draw Attention to Ohio's Teachers This Midterm Election

Ohio's teachers now contribute more of their salaries than any teachers in the United States but they will not get a COLA for 5 years after they retire after working 35 years. They also will have to be at least age 60. Ohio's current retired teachers were promised a COLA their whole careers but will not receive a COLA for 6 years; unless changes are made. All of this is because Ohio STRS adopted earnings assumptions unbelievably lower than what they actually earn. The STRS staff is doing exceptionally well when it comes to salaries, and bonuses. Ohio's retired teachers are not! 
Recently, the Ohio STRS Member Only Forum joined forces with the Ohio Retired Teachers Association and sent a letter to every member of Ohio's General Assembly explaining the state of affairs for Ohio's active and retired teachers. 

Teachers are also encouraging the public to contact Ohio's gubernatorial candidates: Richard Cordray and Mike DeWine and ask "will you support Ohio's teachers in receiving a COLA?" Ask them to post the answer on their website. 
Lastly, Please Share This Petition on Social Media, Numbers Matter. 

Dean Dennis
October 2, 2018