Friday, August 3, 2018

Summer is Slow but Things are Happening

Dean Dennis
August 3, 2018

Contact has been made with Ohio Retirees Teachers Association (ORTA), Ohio STRS Board Members, and union leaders.
Additionally, the Ohio STRS Member Forum Only, has drafted a letter that will go out to all of Ohio's General Assembly members. The General Assembly will be surveyed and asked directly if they feel retired teachers deserve a COLA. The Ohio STRS Member Forum Only has invited ORTA to team together in sending out the survey. There will be a meeting between the two organization on August 16, after Ohio STRS Board Meeting. Combined the two groups represent well over 30,000 retirees
Lastly, there will be help from the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers (CFT).  CFT President, Julie Sellers, shared when school starts, she will encourage Cincinnati's teachers to get involved. In light of the Janus Supreme Court decision, we're expecting when schools starts, most teacher unions will post this petition to their website.  In the meantime, let's keep getting more signatures. Please get on FB and ask your friends to post the petition There are over 10,000 of us who have signed this petition; let's see if each one of us can find 5 additional signatures and sent a message to the STRS Board.  And again if you are an Ohio STRS member, please the below group.