Monday, August 6, 2018

Attend the STRS Ohio Board Meeting on August 16, 2018

The August 16th STRS Board meeting is quickly approaching. We hope that many of you have already made plans to attend this meeting to show your support for restoring our COLA by the STRS Board. During the time between now and this meeting, we strongly encourage every Forum member to contact fellow retirees and active educators to also attend this meeting.
We must use this opportunity, as well as every available opportunity, to let the STRS Board members know that those they represent are not happy. The continued cuts being made to current retirees and future retirees, while at the same time awarding large bonuses to staff, is unacceptable. It is important that they see and feel the concern by those they represent. 
At this meeting, Dr. Dennis Leone will be addressing the STRS Board at 11:00 am along with other individuals. Those addressing the Board need your support.  Your remaining at the meeting to hear Mike Nehf's remarks is also very important. We want him to have an audience to hear what so far has been a litany of unacceptable excuses and nothing more than a smokescreen to justify the actions of the STRS Board.
These are the times that count. These are the events that matter in shaping our future. If we have less than a good representation of members, they will consider us weak and continue their past and current practices. If we have a good showing, they will feel the pressure and know that we are not going away anytime soon.
We encourage all those that have already made plans to attend the meeting to be there before 11:00 am. Please wear black to show unity and sit together as close to the front of the room as possible. The Board and staff can then see the real "Stockholders" of STRS...who have been ignored by the STRS Board and staff for way too long..
Please be reminded to email each STRS Board member with your concerns. Click here for a list of STRS Ohio Board members and their email addresses. Let them know according to the ORTA (Ohio Retired Teachers Association) poll that 97% of those responding did not think that elected officials do enough to protect our pension system.
Lastly, but certainly not least, everyone needs to sign the Restore COLA Petition before the August 16, 2018 STRS meeting. To those that have recruited members to our forum, please contact them and remind them of the meeting and the need to sign the petition if they have not done so already.
In closing, there is no single event or action that is unimportant in our ongoing efforts to Restore COLA and Restore STRS. If you can take time from your busy summer schedule to attend this meeting, please do so! We need to support those forum members that are working tirelessly behind the scene to move our cause forward in getting a broken promise made good by restoring COLA.
The time us to act is now! If not now...when?

Joe Lupo, Administrator