Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Petition Reaches Over 10,000 Signatures, Keep it Rolling!

A thank you for signing and supporting Ohio's teachers. 

For those who are Ohio STRS members, don't forget to join our Facebook group: Ohio STRS Member Only Forum. 

Our goal is to restore the cost-of-living-adjustment which will so drastically impact the financial future of Ohio's teachers. Why would anyone enter teaching when having a modest cost-of-living-adjustment is in doubt? 

The best way to assure teachers they will receive a modest cost-of-living-adjustment upon retirement is to garner as many signatures as possible for our petition; 

For every 100 signatures a push notice is generated to Ohio's legislators. It was due to legislative action, that STRS now has total control of teacher's COLA. 

Each petition signature inches teachers closer to their COLA being restored; especially now that STRS can no longer claim a valid financial reason to withhold their hard earned money. 

Again, anyone in the public can sign so try to obtain as many signatures as possible.  

Dean Dennis
July 20, 2018