Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Attend the STRS Ohio Board Meeting to Protest the Suspension of Our COLA

Please attend the STRS Ohio Retirement Board meetings to support our colleagues, as they address the board on our behalf, and to protest the suspension of our COLA.  

Meetings start around 8:30 AM. Members can address the board at around 10:00 AM. Please wear black and bring signs. After the meeting, there will be a rally at a location to be determined.

WBNS 10TV was there on June 21st to report on the protest outside the STRS Ohio building. We expect them to be there again in August. 

We would like to have 50-100 teachers at every board meeting. The members of the board need to be reminded that we are not numbers on a spreadsheet. We are real people whose lives are impacted by their decisions. They need to be reminded that we are still watching and that our numbers are growing. 

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