Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Attend the STRS Ohio Board Meeting to Protest the Suspension of Our COLA

Please attend the STRS Ohio Retirement Board meetings to support our colleagues, as they address the board on our behalf, and to protest the suspension of our COLA.  

Meetings start around 8:30 AM. Members can address the board at around 10:00 AM. Please wear black and bring signs. After the meeting, there will be a rally at a location to be determined.

WBNS 10TV was there on June 21st to report on the protest outside the STRS Ohio building. We expect them to be there again in August. 

We would like to have 50-100 teachers at every board meeting. The members of the board need to be reminded that we are not numbers on a spreadsheet. We are real people whose lives are impacted by their decisions. They need to be reminded that we are still watching and that our numbers are growing. 

Facebook users can RSVP at

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Petition Reaches Over 10,000 Signatures, Keep it Rolling!

A thank you for signing and supporting Ohio's teachers. 

For those who are Ohio STRS members, don't forget to join our Facebook group: Ohio STRS Member Only Forum. 

Our goal is to restore the cost-of-living-adjustment which will so drastically impact the financial future of Ohio's teachers. Why would anyone enter teaching when having a modest cost-of-living-adjustment is in doubt? 

The best way to assure teachers they will receive a modest cost-of-living-adjustment upon retirement is to garner as many signatures as possible for our petition; 

For every 100 signatures a push notice is generated to Ohio's legislators. It was due to legislative action, that STRS now has total control of teacher's COLA. 

Each petition signature inches teachers closer to their COLA being restored; especially now that STRS can no longer claim a valid financial reason to withhold their hard earned money. 

Again, anyone in the public can sign so try to obtain as many signatures as possible.  

Dean Dennis
July 20, 2018

Thursday, July 12, 2018

ACTION NEEDED: STRS Board of Directors Has Run Out of Excuses

As of this posting the Respect Ohio's Retired Teachers petition has 8,920 signatures. While good, more signatures are needed. A goal of 10,000 signatures is desired before the end of August when the Ohio Legislature returns back to session and before the Ohio STRS Board meets on August 16. While everyone who is receiving this Update has signed the petition, we are asking everyone to try their best to share the petition on their social media pages such as Facebook. Here is why. The Ohio STRS fiscal year just ended on June 30, 2018. Over the past two years, STRS investments respectively earned a return of 14.29% for 2017, and a return of 9.5% for 2018. However, STRS only projected investment earnings return of 7.45%, for each of the past two years. The current STRS Board of Directors allowed STRS management to deliberately underestimate their historical investment earnings projections. The earnings are always above 8% for their required 30 year funding period. But, the STRS Board of Directors allowed STRS management to assume 7.45%. In turn, this allowed STRS to claim they needed to withhold retired teacher's promised cost-of-living-adjustment. The result, retired teachers were wrongly being robbed of $1,000's of dollars that they will never recover. Then shockingly, the STRS Board of Directors approved huge annual performance incentive bonuses, dozens, exceeding $100,000 to STRS employees. On August 16, with your help, we will attempt to end this nightmare for Ohio's retired teachers. The STRS Board of Directors will once again be confronted, but this time more people will be watching. Let's see if they can find it within themselves to vote to restore the COLA for retired teachers. Again, please share the petition,

Dean Dennis
July 12, 2018